Made in Portugal, Aster is one of the leading European brands of children’s shoes on the American market.  Aster shoes were first made in 1913 in Saint-Aster, France.  Since then, the company has devoted itself to creating children’s shoes based on the latest technical research into how children walk.  Aster is built around four essential values: authenticity, modernity, know-how and simplicity. Like many European-designed shoes, Aster children’s shoes tend to run narrow but true to size in length.

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Advantages of Aster children’s shoes:

-Provides shoes that fit the anatomy of the foot: the form of Aster shoes is designed to fit the natural contours of the foot perfectly, while allowing the foot perfect freedom of movement.

-Contributes to the natural formation of the foot: Aster shoes are perfectly supple to allow the foot to move with ease.

-Helps children to learn to walk and to stay upright: The counter supports the foot while the sole ensures a good grip and absorbs shocks.

-Excellent comfort and good foot hygiene: The interior of Aster shoes is made of real leather, providing maximum comfort for children’s feet.

Made In: 
Portugal and France
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