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Bear Feet hold a special space in our hearts: they were the first brand we carried 20 years ago when we were still a budding dream of Terra Toys. Bear Feet was started in Austin, Texas in 1985 and every shoe is handmade in the United States using American and European materials. Bear Feet believes in using as many natural or organic materials as possible and even uses the sap of the Hevea tree for their rubber soles.

Bear Feet shoes are unique in that they mold to the shape of the foot. They are more flexible than most shoes, which is important because children are not heavy enough to fully flex most other soles. Virtually all soles that come from factories today are pre-shaped to the form of an “ideal” foot with thermoforming plastics sewn between the upper and the lining. However, Bear Feet lets the foot shape the shoe, and not the other way around. Because Bear Feet is a more minimalist shoe, it is best suited to children who do not need additional structure and support due to pronated ankles or very narrow heels.

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The Bear Feet Guarantee:

Every shoe made by Bear feet is guaranteed for life. These shoes are known for their ability to last generations of children passing the same shoe down. They are incredibly sturdy and hard-wearing, and because of this, Bear Feet backs each pair with their lifetime guarantee. This means that no matter what, the shoe is guaranteed to last and stay in shape. Because of the high quality, these shoes are encouraged to be passed down to siblings, cousins, or friends, and the guarantee applies to anyone wearing the shoe. The foot beds of Bear Feet shoes do not conform to any one footprint, allowing for these shoes to successfully pass down to other feet.

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