Biomecanics are a division of Garvalin shoes.  In 1996, the Garvalin company began a research project with the Biomecanica Institute of Valencia to develop the most ergonomic children’s footwear.  Biomecanics shoes were designed after observing thousands of children’s walking needs at different ages.  The conception, choice of material and construction of every Biomecanics shoe is done with ergonomics as a priority.

            Biomecanics makes shoes for boys and girls.  Their shoes have a leather upper, a leather insole, and a sturdy rubber sole.  Biomecanics are made in Spain. They have a classic fit, and antimicrobial foot beds, and breathable inserts that can be removed and washed.

            Biomecanics is another brand that would do well being passed down, since the shoes are so long-lasting and durable. Biomecanics, Garvalin, and Agatha ruiz de la Prada are sister shoe companies all under the Garlvalin shoe company base.

 Biomecanics Cross-over sandal

Made In: 
Spain and Vietnam
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