Bloch was founded in Sydney, Australia in 1932 by Jacob Bloch.  The company has always produced handmade ballet and pointe shoes that are designed to offer protection and sustainability through rigorous hours of dance and movement.  Bloch Girls and Baby Bloch offer shoe for children and babies that feature the same lightness, expert craftsmanship, style and protection as Bloch ballerina shoes, but with a growing, walking foot in mind.

Bloch makes shoes for baby girls and older girls.  Baby Bloch shoes have a leather upper, a soft leather sole, and a cotton lining.  Bloch Girls shoes have a leather upper, a hard rubber sole, and a leather insole.  As with ballet shoes, Bloch shoes (for older girls especially) tend to have a narrower shape. These shoes can be worn for dance and other indoor physical activities, but some Bloch styles have a normal style structure that can be worn for school or other casual occasions. 

 Baby Bloch

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