Bobux was founded 1991 in New Zealand. Chris Bennett, an architect, invented the design for the original Bobux shoe when his oldest daughter, Chloe, was 9 months old. He created the soft-soled leather shoes to eliminate the frustration of having to tie and retie laces, and used leather instead of cloth for greater durability. Using elastic instead of laces, Chris created a “soft-soled leather shoe that stays on.” The couple began selling the shoes out of their home in Auckland, New Zealand, after other mothers noticed Chloe’s shoes.

Bobux shoes are made from soft, natural Eco-leather, which is safer for your baby and the environment. Bobux Eco-leather was developed to produce an exceptionally soft material that would be totally safe for babies to put in their mouths, to be gentle on delicate baby skin and friendly to the environment. Furthermore, all tanning agents and dye colors are water-based. The soft-soles are ideal for pre-walkers and are available with charming designs and images that actually face the baby.

In addition to its original soft-soled shoes, Bobux also makes walking shoes, step-up and i-Walk. These are ideal for children that are really getting their walking momentum. They have flexible, natural rubber soles, padded insoles, leather lining, and full leather uppers.  Both of these styles are designed to let your baby’s feet grow and function naturally without restriction while also protecting their sensitive feet as they explore more of their world.


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New Zealand and Indonesia
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