Camper is a Spanish company that was founded in 1975 by Lorenzo Fluxa.  who came from a venerable family of shoe-makers; in fact, “Camper” means “peasant” in Catalan. Camper brings a Mediterranean sensibility to shoe-making.  The Mediterranean is known for its integration of cultures and subsequent diversity. Camper shoes are defined by their comfort, technology, function, and their imaginative design. They blend comfort with imagination, tradition with modernity, and technology with aesthetics.

Camper uses a sturdy, water-resistant leather for its shoes. Most of their shoes have a removable insole, and flexible rubber soles.  Camper designs their shoes around the bone structure and the natural movements of the foot. 

Camper shoes are a good choice for a fashionable, lightweight shoe that can be worn everyday or dressed up for a special occasion. Camper shoes typically fit true-to-size and have an almost magical way of fitting several different foot shapes. Each style has something different to offer.

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