Natural World

Natural World is a recently created brand which nonetheless has a great shoe-making tradition, as it combines both the features of a trendy, young brand with the experience and know-how of its creators. Natural World is completely involved in respecting the environment. Its ecological spirit is in line with its manufacturing process as it uses 100% ecological materials: cotton, natural rubber, recycled cardboard for the boxes, and do not use any material detrimental to health. They use a production system that requires a special kind of machinery and is called Vulcanization System. Tis system was used in the ancient times by our ancestors, but presently abandoned, it is more than 100 years old and is originally from the North of Spain.


On top of their eco-conscious practices and unique production system they continue to create adorable children’s shoes in bright colors that capture the imagination All of their styles are comfortable and flexible for maximum play. Check out the darling Mary Janes, mid-tops, and slip on sneakers to get your season off to a great start.

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