Old West

 Old west is a traditional, western-style boot company. If Old West is new to you, you’ll have to try them to understand how truly great they feel. The boots are cut generously in size and allow comfortable room for your arches and toes. According to their company, until a pair of Old West boots “break-in”, they will slip a bit on your heels. A good analogy is that the boot should feel like a comfortable handshake in the front, with a little slipping in the heel.

The arch support and quality craftsmanship allow us to go all day without sore feet and aching backs or legs. Old West children’s boots are designed with care and concern for a growing foot. Especially during the growing years, the bones of the feet will form only as well as their footwear allows. Proper care when young will pay tremendous dividends in all their years to come. Old West is the ideal boot brand for children’s growing feet. Each boot is made with all leather inner and uppers. The soles are non-slip rubber, or in the infant sizes, crepe soles for more grip.

Way Out West

Although Jama does not make wide different widths in children's boots, you can go up a half size to gain width without being way too long. Also, look to the broad, square or round-toe boots for more width room in the toes.

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