Reef is a classic surf-inspired sandal company. They use a large variety of high quality materials, from leather to canvas and soft fabric that can be worn every day. Reef designs and produces hundreds of different styles of sandals, ideal for any occasion. They offer and array of thong-style flip-flop sandals as well as the more dressy style sandal for formal occasions.

Some Reef sandals come with cool tricks or accessories, for example some styles have hidden boxes in the heel of the soles, to keep little treasures. Others can be flipped over and underneath the sole is a maze with a little ball to run through. Reef puts a lot of care and thought into the design of each sandal. The sandals themselves are well made, have great support and shock absorption, and the soles are made with sweat, water and odor-proof materials. Most every Reef sandal can be worn in and out of water. They are an extremely water-friendly brand, and one of the best choices your typical, everyday sandals. Reef also uses their company name towards good causes like donating to those in need, or by supporting poorer parts of the world by purchasing materials and producing their products in supportive and fair-trade agreements.

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