Wee Squeak

Wee Squeak is one of the three brands of squeaky toddler shoes that Kid-O Shoe carries.  These shoes have removable squeakers in the heel of their sole.  The squeaking noise encourages children who are learning to walk, and helps them to walk properly, and not on their tiptoes.  Many new walkers are delighted to be able to make the little squeaky sound over and over.  The squeakers are removable, for situations where a noisy shoe isn’t appropriate.  Kid-O Shoe also provides replacement squeakers free of charge.

Wee Squeak is an American company.  Its founders first discovered squeaky shoes while visiting China to adopt their daughter, and decided to create their own squeaky shoe company.

Wee Squeak shoes have a slightly wide fit, but are less wide than Pickle, another squeaky shoe brand.  Wee Squeak offers a wide variety of sandals, including many different colors of sparkly sandals for little girls.  Wee Squeak shoes have leather or vinyl uppers, leather or vinyl insoles, and flexible rubber soles.

 Spring 2014

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