Quick Tips For Parents

QUICK TIPS!  Helpful tid-bits and tips for parents

1. To stop sweaty, smelly shoes, pack an extra pair of cotton socks in your kid’s backpack before they leave for school, especially on P.E. days or field trips.

2. It is OK to encourage barefoot play, especially when you know the play space is safe. Playing barefoot is one of the best activities for growing feet.

3. When trying shoes on your child, make sure they run and jump around in the store so that you know if the shoe will work for all activities.

4. Look for shoes that belong to companies with a lifetime guarantee. Some brands guarantee the shoe for as long as its being worn, even if its been handed down. These may be more expensive, but in the long run they are worth it.

5. Remember that your kid also has an opinion if his or her own while picking out shoes. They are more likely to actually wear shoes they like or picked out themselves. A good way to do this is to pick about ten or so pairs that you are fond of, then, let them pick from that selection.

6. Gently worn handed-down shoes are great, but shoes that are handed down should be of high quality, so that the foot beds are not shaped to the last wearer. If you have one child, consider starting a “shoe-swap” club among parents in your community or school.

7. If a shoe breaks beyond normal wear and tear, and it still fits your child, it is often more cost effective to take it to a shoe doctor rather than buying a whole new pair of shoes. If the buckle breaks or a seam rips, shoe doctors can usually fix it at a very low cost.  Also, most companies will repair or replace the shoes if there is a manufacturing defect; just ask your salesclerk.

8. If you want to leave “room to grow” when buying a new pair of shoes, leave only a quarter to a half of an inch (no more than about a thumb’s width) between the front of your child’s big toe and the front of the shoe.